AIC Kijabe

AIC Kijabe Hospital (HIV Programme)

The hospital was established in 1915 in a rural area to function as a centre for medical care, education and training.

The HIV programme was developed in 2004 to address people living with HIV/AIDS with more than 9,000 patients enrolled; and over 5,500 patients are current. Clinical care, provision of Anti-retroviral Treatment and monitoring of teen clinic days all benefit the community. Seventy community based support groups ensure patients receive treatment support and counselling, focusing on empowerment and education through Treatment Preparation Seminars. Staff and community nurses regularly follow up and conduct home visits also providing guardian and family support. Holistic care of HIV positive children has resulted in suicide cases dropping from 5% to the current 1% in the first 2 years.

Guardians are encouraged to engage in income generating activities like doorstep/kitchen farming, poultry farming and bee keeping. The bee keeping project has about 150 members, who each received a beehive and basic beekeeping training. Families are able to generate an income to afford basic needs, improve health and educational possibilities for the HIV affected children; and utilize some of the income to purchase additional hives to expand their production and increase earning potential.

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  • Funded the community bee keeping project by providing the hive and equipment for honey and beeswax production.

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