Bulembu, a small town in Swaziland, has a vision to provide safety, dignity and hope to those suffering from HIV/AIDS, poverty, abuse and abandonment. Aiming to create a sustainable community by providing health services, orphan care, education, spiritual nurturing, employment and income generation through

Hospital: provides obstetric and paediatric services focussing on reducing HIV/AIDS transmissions.

Leadership School: teaches over 300 children, develops strong leaders

Orphan Care: renovate up to 400 residential homes to accommodate multiple children in each home-like setting, provide spiritual, physical and emotional care to over 2,000 orphans.

Bulembu Babies: focuses specifically on rescue and care of abandoned babies from infancy to adoption age, to be returned to a safe family home, or transferred to a local children’s home.

Bakery: employs community members, produces over 2,400 loaves of bread per week as well as a selection of doughnuts, sticky buns and dinner rolls for the Orphan Care Programme and the rest of the community. Opened in 2009.

Honey: produces 15 – 19 tons of honey annually from 850 hives. Started with 150 hives in 2007. Honey is harvested and bottled in Bulembu and sold to various stores in Swaziland.

Dairy: produces over 28,000 litres of milk monthly from 145 cows with 8 employees up from 25 cows when the Dairy was established in 2009. Milk is first allocated to the Orphan Care Programme; and the excess is sold to the community, the nearby town of Pigg’s Peak and Parmalat, one of Swaziland’s largest dairy distribution companies.

Timber: possesses Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, employs over 200 community members, processes an average of 2000 tons of eucalyptus and pine, produces 1000 cubes of product monthly, waste timber is either chipped and sold as biofuel or burnt as charcoal.

Country Lodge: caters to volunteer groups and has conference facilities available. The Lodge opened in 2004 and all income goes directly to the Orphan Care programme.

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  • Funded part of the honey business.
  • Funded refurbishment of the Bakery, equipment and training of locals.
  • Funded refurbishment of the Babies Homes and monthly orphan care for the babies.
  • Provided a loan for the Bottling plant expansion.
  • Funded the solar heating systems for 30 homes.
  • Provided a bursary for an engineering student.

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