Chikumbuso Women & Orphans Project

Chikumbuso means “Rememberance” and provides hope and opportunity to some of the most vulnerable women and children in the community by offering free education for children, adult training and capacity building through micro enterprise opportunities, youth life skills training and outreach to the elderly.

  • Teaches local artists to earn a living making beautiful, handcrafted products to sell both locally and internationally.
  • Educates students and helps sustain families through the school and sponsorship programmes. The community school opened in 2006 for 30 students and is now a full grade 1- 6 programme educating nearly 350 learners including orphan and vulnerable children from the community.
  • Feeds each child at school a lunch every day that is often their only meal of the day
  • Provides counseling and encouragement by local staff for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Download the project sheet here.  Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24


  • Provided a grant donation to expand an existing building for the grade 6 classroom and lunch area.

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