Food Water Shelter

Food Water Shelter manages sustainable and eco-friendly children’s villages offering education, social and health facilities for orphans, vulnerable women and their children. In 2008/2009 they employed 30 local farmers to build a village called Kesho Leo (meaning “Tomorrow Today”), that has become home to 16 women and 80 children. They offer early-learning education, health, social skilling and leadership programmes preparing children for successful integration into the community.

The Children’s Village consists of:

  • Sleeping bomas under one continuous roof that are designed to maximise rainwater collection. Separate rooms each accommodate five children and one house mama.
  • Nurse’s medicine room which will eventually become a health clinic for community use.
  • African-style kitchen area complete with biogas cookers, passive cooling cupboards and an open-air dining room.
  • Early learning and community centre, composting toilets, water-saving shower rooms and a grey-water laundry, secure lock-up container and computer storage room.
  • 45 rainwater tanks fed by roof collection, a water aquifer (underground water storage) and an organic permaculture farm which produce organic vegetables and livestock.

The Volunteer Village

A volunteer village was built nearby to include accommodation, an office and a store for food staples like maize, soya beans and lentils.

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  • Funded solar power systems to supply the children’s village for lights, sewing machines and computers.
  • Provided funds to assist setting up a dairy, honey and egg enterprise.

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