The Golder Trust for Orphans uses three types of funding for projects:Shade netting for the vegetables crops

  • One-time Grant Funding.
  • Enterprise Development / investment funding i.e. social and patient capital and
  • Skills Development and Education funding.

One-time Grant Funding:

The intent of this type of funding is to provide support for immediate assistance for short-term / emergency situations organizations sometimes face. The organization is required to demonstrate a genuine need and report how the funds will be used. This type of grant does not require a commitment from the Trust for further funding.

Enterprise Development  & Investment Funding:

  • Social capital (loan) – with the expectation of income generation or in support of income generating ventures.
  • Patient capital (loan) – expansion of existing income generation ventures – this is the preferred funding mechanism for enterprise development.

Skills Development & Education Funding:

Funding for bursaries, schools and Early Childhood Development, technical training and life experiences opportunities.

Should you want to know how the Golder Trust for Orphans chooses the NGO’s they support or what the decision making process is choosing / supporting new projects contact us

Golder Trust for Orphans Receives Donations from Three Sources:

  • Golder staff worldwide, through monthly contributions and local fundraising activities.
  • Golder Associates operating companies, many of whom match donations on a one-to-one basis.
  • External organizations or private donors.

How Donations are Distributed

Golder Trust for Orphans is extremely proud to confirm that 100% of your donation will go towards the Trust projects. Golder Associates Corporation pays all administrative costs so that every dollar donated goes directly to the projects and children we support.

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