kwasizabantu schulzendal

KwaSizabantu Schulzendal

Provides community support and quality pre-school education to an increasing number of orphaned children. An estimated 40% of all children in the area have lost one parent and more than 20% have lost both to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Education is a priority, however, there is lack of adequate school facilities, particularly for very young children. They continue to expand the school and strive for sustainability through various income generating enterprises.

Crèche: provides care for over 60 children with plans to expand as funds become available as there are more than 200 orphans between the ages of 1 and 6 years. Two teachers work with personnel to deliver services specified by the Department of Education.

Agricultural Production: produces delicious green peppers which are sold and revenue from sales go towards the crèche’s running costs.

Samp Mill: employs two community people, local community members bring their home grown maize to grind it into mealie meal, which is the staple of the local community. Revenues go towards funding the crèche and basic needs of the mission i.e. food for the children and workers.

Bakery: employs five community people produces and sells bread, buns and sweet baked goods to the local community. Proceeds go towards maintenance and development of the mission.

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  • Invested in the development of the Samp Mill and Bakery.
  • Invested in building the Crèche.
  • Held a Golder Employee Volunteer trip and spent one week at the Crèche helping to paint classrooms and build a playground.
  • Funded the expansion of the agricultural production / dairy.
  • Funded the expansion of the school – Phase 1.
  • Funded part of the water treatment plant construction.

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