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Lewa Childrens’ Home, Kip Keino School & Baraka Farm

A collective endeavour creating sustainable living for the orphaned and vulnerable children living in this village.

Lewa Children’s Home: provides a loving environment, nutritious food, clean water, education, care and support to 80 abandoned, orphaned and abused children whose parents have either died or are unable to care for them.

Baraka Farm: supports the Children’s Home with fresh produce – grains, vegetables, meats and milk; proceeds from crops, livestock, milk, cheese, yogurt and sunflower seed oil sales also go to the Children’s Home. They provide demonstration plots and host “Farm Days” for local farmers to learn new, innovative and low-tech farming techniques to improve crop yields for their families, while protecting the local environment. The programme includes agricultural training for older children from the Children’s Home and employs more than 100 local community people.

Kip Keino School: provides quality primary school education to hundreds of students since January 1999, employs 15 teachers and 37 non-teaching staff.

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  • Provided funds to expand the dairy and develop the Baraka Farm cheese business.
  • Funded construction of a new laundry facility for the Children’s Home.

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