Mission Station of Carlos Vilanculos

Carlos Vilanculos was born in 1960 on his family’s farm in Mozambique where he endured the long war and at age 33 left to work at a Mission station in South Africa. In 2000 he returned to Mozambique to help his own people. He regained his family’s property of 8 hectares in the Massinga district where he started a small mission.

Carlos has undertaken the following:

  • Dug a well to help local villagers have access to clean water.
  • Cleared a large area on the farm to grow crops to supply food to the local community.
  • Teaches literacy skills – reading and writing to adults in the community.
  • Supplies medical support to members of the community who are terminally ill with HIV/AIDS.
  • Provides food parcels and school uniforms to 180 children in the community who would otherwise be destitute.
  • Runs a commercial chicken operation, the revenues of which (selling chicken meat locally) funds the feeding program.

Download the project sheet here.  Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24


  • Provided funds to assist with building the first of three chicken houses.
  • Provided funds to purchase a generator; a new vehicle for the chicken business and feeding scheme purchases.
  • Funded the solar water heating systems.
  • Drilled a borehole to supply water for chickens and vegetables.
  • Funded the feeding scheme.
  • Held a Golder Employee Volunteer trip to construct a shade cloth structure for vegetables and two houses for the community centre for distribution of food.
  • Funded the purchase of day old chicks and refurbishment of the chicken houses.
  • Funded improvements for the community centre including a solar pump, ceilings, toilets and paint for the buildings.

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