Philangethemba is a social outreach programme which has been active for more than 10 years in the Molweni Valley, focusing on the lives of young people, giving them hope for a brighter future. They believe strongly in providing Early Childhood Development Training; with an education through Primary School, High School; teaching employable skills which are critical for life success ie: Mathematics, English and Compute Literacy, thereby producing “Whole” young adults.

Their long term objective is to increase the number of children who:

  • Achieve a matric pass high enough to be accepted into tertiary education institutions.
  • Have acquired skills which can lead to meaningful employment (not just unskilled labour).
  • Have made life choices that exclude destructive behaviours such as substance abuse, premature pregnancy and violence.

Early Childhood Development Training Centre:

Teachers Training Centre: employs 8 students who collectively impact 211 children in the various crèches where they work.

Family Literacy Project: trains 10 home visitors who impact 30 families.

Parenting and Playgroups: trains 10 parents/primary caregivers at Molweni.

Toy Library: has a Toy Library based on the ‘Book Library” concept, where children can take out a toy, take it home to play with for a week, then return it and take out another toy. This also teaches them to look after the toys (mostly educational toys).

Employment Bureau: facilitates placement of job seekers in casual employment in neighbouring towns.

Primary School provides:

Math intervention: teaches the foundation phase up to grade 9.

Computer Training: teaches “Introduction to computers” course.

Reading: teaches the English reading programme.

After School activities / sports: runs programs like Kids Club for grades 5-7 twice monthly, Holiday Club for a week, soccer and basketball are played.

High School provides:

Math intervention: runs the new JET programme.

Computer Training: facilitates learners studying the “eLearner” programme.

Life Skills and After School programmes: runs programs where grades 7-9 play basketball, soccer and netball.

Sewing Projects: provides sewing lessons where learners are taught to be employable, a sewing “factory” has been established where fabric offcuts are sewn into bags and other handcrafts.

Computer Training: teaches basic computer skills.

Internships: provides internships for up to 2 years where interns facilitate the after school programmes which allows young people to find their passion; and prepare them for employment or further training.

Crafty / artisan Skills Training: provides basic skills such as carpentry, basic plumbing, welding etc to encourage students to follow these careers.

Community Development:

Computer Training: provides training on Saturdays to the community. They are taught International Computer Driving License (ICDL) skills – a minimum skill level required for employment.

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  • Funded the Early Childhood Development Training Centre building consisting of a training room, a Toy library, an office, a store room, toilets and 2 lock up garages.

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