A Tented Lodge on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater generates revenue to fund the Children’s Home currently caring for 60 orphans; paying for food, clothing and school fees. People working at the Lodge, Children’s Home and the Carers are all from the local community.

Tented Lodge: 4 star luxury accommodation, 12 tented houses on stilts, homegrown vegetables from the restaurant garden, bread baked in the bakery and dairy products generated from their own herd of dairy cattle. Tour operators across Tanzania stop here on tours en route to Ngorogoro Crater and Serengeti National Park. Children who have completed their schooling can work at the Lodge to learn new skills to equip them for the future.

Children’s Home: three houses and each house has twelve children, one house mother and one aunt creating a family-like atmosphere in each home. A conference hall facilitates community workshops, educational health lessons, computers, sports, homework, arts and crafts. The children’s day starts with a long walk to school, after school they play, wash their clothes, clean and tidy their bedrooms and assist in food preparation to help them learn basic skills.

Coffee Shop: Children who have finished school are able to work in the Coffee Shop where they learn new skills and how to run a business in preparation for their future.

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  • Supplied water pumps and heating systems to improve the infrastructure for Lodge guests and the Children’s Home.
  • Funded the construction of a bakery (proceeds from the bakery support the Children’s Home).
  • Donated funds towards their dairy and biogas projects.
  • Drilled a borehole, installed a new pump and irrigation system to provide a consistent water supply for the vegetable production, Children’s Home and Lodge.
  • Held a Golder Employee Volunteer trip that cleared and fenced the perimeter of the vegetable garden with beehive fences to ward off elephants from destroying crops.

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