Onverwacht Community Care of St Joseph’s

Onverwacht provides Holistic Care for patients and their families promoting quality of life, dignity in death and support in bereavement. Founded as a day clinic in response to the high volumes of critically ill patients were brought into the clinic in wheelbarrows suffering from HIV/AIDS.  The services provided are:

Health Services: Health Prevention and Promotion, HCT, Support Groups, Social Mobilization.

Social services to Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programme: 7 Drop-in Centres and 1 Early Childhood Development Centre, nutritional support, dental care, educational support, Psycho-Social support, shelter and support, child protection services and legal assistance and technical training of staff to provide effective service to the children.

Youth Development: Educational support at High School and Tertiary Level, career guidance, leadership camps, skills development.

Training, Education and Capacity building: Community health care, child and youth care, Farming – egg laying, Internet Café, laundry and cleaning material products.

Community Led Development: established and on-going support for two communal gardens and 150 home gardens, bead work, bakery.

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  • Purchased computers and software.
  • Supported their outreach feeding programme.
  • Donated funds since 2008 to help develop a five hectare vegetable garden for the feeding programme.
  • Held a Golder Employee Volunteer trip to build a playground and determine water levels near farmlands.

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