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The primary objective is to provide safe, loving homes to local HIV/AIDS orphans by ensuring each child in the community has a primary caregiver, a suitable dwelling, nutritious food, education, access to health care and counselling.  In the course of pursuing these goals Hope Farm facilitates:

Caregivers Support: provides access to social services, skills training and practical assistance. Provides industrial sewing machines and automatic knitting machines for caregivers to learn a skill and when proficient to earn an income.

Dwellings: repairs badly damaged homes and builds new houses as needed, providing cement, roofing and wood to caregivers, and/or arranging for volunteers to assist with labour as caregivers are often old and unable to build themselves.

Food: distributes food packages weekly to caregivers who feed many orphan children.

Education: pays school fees for a number of orphans and partnered in 2009 with World Changers Academy to present a successful life skills program.

Health: promotes mental and physical health of all families by providing access to health facilities. Caregivers and children are referred to appropriate centres for counselling and advice.

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  • Made regular monthly and annual grants since 2006 to help develop the farm to take better care of orphans.
  • Donated funds to extend electric fencing on the farm for grazing, bees and vegetable production.
  • Funded the construction of a tented camp and furniture for income generation from tourism.
  • Supplied a scoot (type of wheelchair) for the one year old adopted orphan.
  • Donated “school in a box” to assist with home schooling of orphans.

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