Walk in the Light

Devoted to helping meet physical and emotional needs of families in the local community where about 10,000 people live in extreme poverty; of which 60% are HIV positive and 39% unemployed. Their vision is to provide more jobs for local people. Their goal; to build a conference center overlooking the community, equipped with a medical center, preschool, and development center.  Other services include:

Transportation: provides free transport to and from local clinics and hospitals, enabling people to be consistent with their medication, thus reducing the percentage of HIV death rate within the community.

Food & Agriculture: delivers food donations, provides garden space and teaches families how to grow vegetables.

Community Engagement: employs local community people to work various jobs, teaching them job skills and providing sustainable income.

Service Projects: distributes clothing donations, helps build and restore homes, provides and maintains safe environments for recreation to both young and old.

Outreach: conducts home visits to encourage sick people.

Farm: grows Rose Geranium seedlings from parent stock on the farm and harvests crops using people from the community. The factory processes Rose Geranium essential oils with the final product being a moisturizing hand & foot lotion.

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  • Funded the purchase of the Still for Essential Oil production.

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