Who We Are

What is Golder Trust for Orphans?

Golder Trust for Orphans is the global employee-run charity of Golder Associates, formed to improve the quality of life for children orphaned or displaced by the AIDS pandemic. The Golder Trust for Orphans is one way we demonstrate Caring, one of Golder’s core corporate values, in the world in which we live and work. The organization is also part of Golder’s commitment to sustainable development.
Learn more about Golder’s Commitment to Sustainable Development.

How did the Golder Trust for Orphans begin?

Soon after the establishment of Golder in Africa in 2003, we became more aware of the havoc the AIDS pandemic was wreaking on the healthy development of families and communities all over Southern Africa.

Living, working, and travelling all over the world has helped us to understand we have the ability and responsibility to make a difference in the world. Rather than standby and watch, we decided to act – a decision which resulted in the formation of the Golder Trust for Orphans.

Inspired by the “teach a man to fish” theory, the Trust incorporates a business model that focuses on improving lives through sustainable solutions to ultimately create empowerment within the community.


Key Golder Trust for Orphans milestones:

  • 2003 Established in South Africa.
  • 2005 First significant Golder fundraiser – Cairo to Cape Town Bike Tour.
  • 2009 First “pilot” volunteer trip for Golder employees is a resounding success, and are now annual volunteer trips.
  • 2010 First time donations top more than $500,000 USD in one calendar year.
  • 2010 First Golder organized workshop to share knowledge amongst the NGO leaders that we support
  • 2011 Featured in the Social Responsibility Village at World Petroleum Congress in Doha, Qatar.
  • 2013 Our 10th Anniversary! Golder Trust for Orphans has partnered with 14 NGOs in 7 countries
  • 2015 First project support provided by Golder Trust for Orphans outside Southern Africa to help orphans in Ebola-ravaged West Africa.
  • 2016 Fourth NGO Workshop successfully held at Bulembu, Swaziland.