Vision & Objectives


To support and partner with organizations that aim to improve the quality of life of orphaned children and young adults in communities impacted by the AIDS pandemic.


Provide financial support to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) caring for children orphaned or displaced by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

  1. Make equity-grant investments in sustainable development projects that will improve the quality of life of orphans.
  2. Use the individual abilities and skills of Golder Associates staff to support projects and consequently help alleviate the suffering of orphans.

Golder Trust for Orphans currently helps support several NGOs in multiple countries in Africa, with a vision to expand in number and geographic locations as our financial resources grow. Our collective efforts thus far have contributed to improving the lives of more than 6,000 children in the communities our NGOs operate. With your assistance, we aspire to help many more!

A key objective is to give Golder employees the opportunity to provide hands on assistance to personally make a difference in the lives of children. We engage Golder staff to leverage their knowledge and abilities so we may also provide technical expertise in addition to financial support to the projects we’re funding.

We organize an international group of Golder employees at least once per annum, at their own expense, to volunteer a week of their time and energy to assist. The NGO hosts the Golder volunteers for a week of hard work and fun. Past trips include:

  • Building a pre-primary school in Zimbabwe.
  • Building a shade-cloth garden and supply houses in Mozambique.
  • Building playgrounds and jungle gyms in South Africa.
  • Building two 2,000 bird chicken layer houses in Zimbabwe.


Sub Saharan Africa bears the biggest burden of HIV AIDS in the World

Million people living with HIV
Million people over the age of 15 living with HIV
Children aged 0 to 14 living with HIV
Deaths due to AIDS
Million Orphans due to AIDS aged 0 to 17

The statistics above demonstrate a need, and the Golder Trust for Orphans is committed to help one child at a time.


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